Squish- Instant Better Rig Deforms / Blender 3.1+

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What if you could correct ugly deformations in your rigs in just three clicks? Seriously, no Shapekeys, no drivers, no hours upon hours of weight painting, no hair pulling. Just add a modifier and BOOM! instant high-quality rig.

Yes, this is possible. Using Blender's Geometry nodes this node group saves your hours and your scalp.

Download the blend file and append the NodeTree into your own file. You can also mark the node group as an asset.

Blenderartists thread: https://blenderartists.org/t/geometry-nodes-exploration-human-rig-deformation/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xeofrios


Update 2.0

  • Currently in development.

Update 1.1

  • Included a basic user manual to the downloadable files.
  • Added option to use collections.
  • Added option to use object colliders.
  • Upgraded Spread parameter from integer to float
  • Added option to control spread using a vertex group
  • Added inbuilt corrective smooth
  • Lowered minimum possible spread
  • Completely fixed random geometry popping.
  • Added more demos for collections, object colliders and spread vertex groups.
  • Renamed the subgroups from "~" to more descriptive names. Added a "." to exclude sub-groups from the Geometry node group data-block list.
  • Removed unnecessary attribute smoothing (Performance improvement)
  • Fixed glitching for higher (>10) spread values

Update 1.0

  • Separated depression and inflation strength inputs
  • Added smoothing to depressions
  • Performance improvements

Update 0.2

  • Minor performance improvements
  • Made Blender 3.1 compatible
  • Improved deformation output across different mesh densities
  • Fixed occasional glitching
  • Added depressions

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A blend file containing the geometry node group and a free demo model!

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Squish- Instant Better Rig Deforms / Blender 3.1+

84 ratings
I want this!